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Free Land for All Neverworld Residents

We love that you came to live here!  And you should not have to struggle to find a place. Most of our free land is self serve.  Just click on these links below while inworld and your viewer will teleport you.  Click the mailbox  on any available parcel in the region by lookign for the black and gold Available Sign.   Parcels are generous. Most are over 10,000 meters with huge prims allowances...  It would cost you over $60.00 a month in Second Life what you get for free in Neverworld.   Unlike just a blank slate, most parcels are in developed areas with waterways and road systems.   Because of this, terraforming is not allowed to maintain the look of the land. Just get your parcel and start your virtual dreams come true.  


 Why would you want to live anywhere else?  

Islands and Parcels
10,000-70,000 meters 8000 prim limits Nautical theme 1 million kilometers of useable water.

Bountiful Continent Project Logo.jpg

Residential and Commerical
10,000-40,000 meters 5000 prim  Many sims are themed integrated roads and waterways.  Made by residents for residents.

Aspen Homesites

2160 meters 5000 prim . Beautiful cobblestone streets in a cottage like setting now attached to the continent via water and ferry.


Quiet area with a beautiful central water feature...good starter parcels.


Residential  /Homestead
15,000 meter start parcels. Contact Joshua 7 for rental info and available parcels.

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