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Neverworld offers free rentals of houses or apartments for people who do not have the time or interest in developing  a whole parcel.  Most of these rentals have self serve rental boxes where you can start your lease and also extend your lease.  Some of them have model apartments so you can see what can be done with the space, a few are already furnished.  If these do not meet your needs please let us know. copy and past the hop to get there.

Outside View Neo Rome Apts

Neo Rome Apartments

Theme: Cyber Rome Ancient/Modern
Size:  33x18 meters   

Features: Skyscraper, full length balconies, inside customizable. Pick up a kit of walls etc in the lobby.

Theme:  Fantasy Martian Futuristic 
Size: Group: Neverworld Monthly Rentalst Group
Features:  overlooking the Martian landscape, modern

                  can customize rent boxes are in the reservations office ground floor.


Virtual Recall Apartments


Free Apartments

Theme: Hi Rise Rocco Styled/some furnished
Size:  1 bed 1 bath    Group: Neverworld Grid Residents
Features: Skyscraper,  balconies. North and South towers are fully furnished, rent at apartment doorway

Orbit City_004_edited.jpg

Orbit City

Orbit City
Theme: Jetsons/futuristic
Size:  various        Group: Neverworld Grid Resident Group
Features:  jetsons style houses in the sky travel by private air vehicle

The Keys
Theme: Tropical beach houses 
Size:  various    Group: Neverworld Grid Resident Group
Features:  most waterfront, useable water, intergrated road system neighborhoods.

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