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Blade Runner meets StarWars & Fallout 4?

NEXUS Storm has developed many areas in Neverworld over time. And the latest works are a must-see next time you are on a VR Walkabout.

Stilwater and Lucidus City's cyberpunk sci-fi role play and Freebie shopping areas (more shopping in Lucidus ) The 2 cities have been combined this year and we are updating them creating a huge Cyberpunk role play zone 2 Huge Var City sims surrounded by the Fall out Badlands ( Concord and Abernathy Continent Project Free Housing Sims for Neverworld Residents) So they not only offer Free shopping and role play, there are opportunities for a free home with 5000 prims in the Fall out 4 themed sims next door. The sims have been created with a Dystopian feel of Blade Runner meets StarWars and Fallout 4.

Pictures taken from Concorde which is in the Fall Out 4 Badlands Area post nuclear war zone looking at Lucidus city area

Pictures taken from Abernathy which is in the Fall Out 4 Badlands Area post nuclear war zone looking at Stilwater City area.

Stilwater City is split in to 4 Zones:

1 Upper City; where the "Posh reside government control draconian" Luxury depravity they are above the scum below better breeding and all that ...they do not tolerate Grubbies dirtying their area.

2 Lower City; Grubbies if you don't have money you end up down here, gang zone, blood corruption, want to make a fast buck you can here but don't cross the wrong faction. No Faction has overall control here though parts bordering Lucidus are considered territory of the La Cosa Nostra.

3 Stilwater Old Town; free zone with no Government, no control, and no rules, except watch your back and don't drink the water. Gang controlled, mostly free of radiation, only the strong live here or the ones that have something to hide.

4 Badlands and flooded City; only the insane and desperate end up here, if the residual radiation does not get you, then the wildlife will one's your friend here. Enjoy your freedom to die!

Lucidus City is split into several zones, some Gang controlled, and others Government controlled.

The Exchange district's main shopping area, mostly safe, is controlled by the "posh" using Black Guard mercenary police force keep out of their way they are a law unto themselves.

Red Light District and Alien Quarter are controlled by the Ravagers, thugs who only care about making money the armpit of Lucidus

China Town is controlled with an iron fist by the Red Tigers Yakuza clan, safe mostly as long as you pay respect to the Red Tigers don't cross them and pay your insurance on time. Watch the border zone with the Red-Light district they hate the Ravagers.

Little Italy and Casino District, the casino District with its casinos and clubs leads into the little Italy more run-down area straddling the Lucidus and Stilwater border area.

controlled by the LA Cosa Nostra gaming business zone keep your head down pay your insurance don't piss them off. This is the place to come if you want to make or lose a fast buck.

Japanese Garden's beautiful garden area and Memorial for Pasha Theas one of Neverworlds great creators whose influence can still be seen throughout the city. no faction has overall control here though the Red Tigers are making moves.

Lucidus Hights is controlled by the posh, it contains luxury shopping and apartment areas, Government Black Guard, Grubbies stay clear.

Lucidus and Stillwater regions include several different zones offering various role play areas or just places to explore and shop in.

Contact Nexus Storm if you would like to showcase your creations.


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