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Once I read that they did a poll to see what people enjoyed most in virtual worlds. First up was shopping, and second up was dancing. (We suspect a close third would be decorating and a close fourth would be exploring and a close fifth, well, we are adults after all.

Francos Place in Neverworld combines the top two likes into one elegant and elite place.

Not only do we have a luxurious very large ballroom with a dazzling sunset view, but we now have a very very POSH shopping area surrounding the main ballroom.

At this moment we are blessed to have several very classy shops.


1st up .. Vn7 Tattoos brings the world famous Tattoo artist and creator, Nexus Storm to ply her free wares exclusive to Neverworld. A host of dancing vendor displays lets you decide what ink you will wear this week. And changing your ink is as easy as hitting "remove"

We are very very pleases to say that PT Designs Mesh has added a shop of formals here. These designs are exclusive to Neverworld and you must be a Neverworld member to gain access to these beautiful formal outfits.

Le Biscuit Glace offers a place to hang out and have a cuppa tea, and to pick up some very sweet noshes. The best thing about these confections is they are calorie free!

Do you feel like you are somebody else? Or want to be somebody else? Visit the ETC... Costume Shop to get your costumes or adult masks.

Franco's Formal Attire by Alba is a shop stocked with tons of formal wear. You must be dressed in formals to enter the ballroom, so here find the duds.

Do you need a very stylish hat? Jewelry? Watches and other accouterments? ETC... Accessories is the place to finish and polish your look. Both women and men can up their game here.

Please come to our ball on November 12th to ring in the season! 1pm SLT at Franco's Place. Hop to the ballroom here

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