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Happy birthday to us happy birthday to us, happy birthday to Neverworld Happy birthday to us.

10/23/2015 -- Govega, along her friend from Osgrid, Randall Flagg, brought the new grid up live.

At the time, they just had a few varreregions -- the Welcome Center, a Sandbox, and the future Stilwater build. Govega rezzed for the first time on this day and started working on the mega freebies store in welcome. The theme would be slightly off the center of Peter Pan and Neverland, but somehow very tropical.

Soon after, a few of her friends joined her on the grid. Dizzy Marville and Burnt Toast were two friends and builders from osgrid who came on to help with the new regions.

After a simple welcome center was created, and a sandbox Govega started on the build next door called Stilwater, a post apocalyptic build with a greenish scummy canal and many deconstructed buildings. Stilwater still stands in its original place and most of the build is original also.

Another early build was Realm, with a fantasy castle build surrounded by rocky terrain with a few pirate ships thrown in for fun The scrumpy drunk pirate was used at the land to the sim Realm.

A bit later on the first massive water region project started, Neversea. This massive 11x11 region was dotted with small islands and beaches, and had a Peter Pan theme. Skullrock Island was one of the islands that was made. This build was a precursor to The Keys, Norwegian Sea, and the Bay Islands.

Below is one of the oldest inworld snapshots that exists, from October 2015, of the Welcome Center region. Neverworld has been continuously operating as the original NO DRAMA grid with not a day of downtime since then. The dedicated and wonderfully talented residents continue to make Neverworld an enviable place to create, relax, and be inspired. The current project is a massive continent area that has many interconnected sims with an intergrated water and road system. People come to Neverworld to get away from the money grab of other virtual places, and to have a safe haven to create, build, work and live.

Here's to many more to the grid named the Most Beautiful grid in the metaverse.


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Troy Seaknight
Troy Seaknight
Oct 28, 2022

After 15 plus years in virtual worlds, finding NeverWorld Grid was a breath of fresh air.

With such large parcels of free land and an unbelievable amount of prim usage, this has become my home.

Thank you to the whole NWG team for such an amazing opportunity to live "free."

Not only do I live here, but I also created and curate the Sky Harbor Museum of Flight.

I can not say enough of how happy I am to be part of this ever improving and expanding grid.

Troy Seaknight

Neverworld Grid
Neverworld Grid
Nov 06, 2022
Replying to

and we are so happy to have you with us Troy! Lotsa of hugs.

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