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Hunt for Skull Coins in Requiem

Located in Neverworld, Requiem is a Halloween hunt sim that can be visited by players.

Look through the brush, the catacombs, the castle, the house, and don't forget to look at the graveyard as well. The coins have skulls on them and range in value from 1 skull coin to 10 skull coins. The leaderboard near Jack Skellington shows your daily collected. You can redeem coins for hunt gifts in the Redemption center.

Our hunt sim was lovingly made by the very talented late Pasha Theas, Nexus Storm, Andron Rae and scripted by Locked Semaphore. In memory of Pasha Theas, we present the sim once again for the Halloween season.

Jack greets you when you land. As does Sally, but admittingly, Jack is dancing so how fun is that?

Sort of reminds me of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil... there are several seraph type figures lurking the grounds.

It is definitely worth a look in the dusty, cobwebby haunted house on the grounds.

I have found a skull coin! And it is a good one!

I will admit, finding coins is a bit hard. There is a TON of brush, and the coins are fairly similar in color to the surrounding autumn colored landscaping. So if you like a challenge, here you have found it.

You will receive a happy message when you capture a coin! It will also give you your current balance. Or use the handy counter at the start of the sim.

The Redemption Center lets you cash in your skull coins for gifts. There are portals to TP to the redemption center by Jack.

A view in the Haunted mansion. What is upstairs? More creepiness no doubt.

Along the rocky edges you will find the ruins of a beautiful castle, now crumbling, but still grand I believe you can safely cross the ravine on the castle bridge still...

you must also search for coins in the catacombs.

I warn you -- you will get lost. There are many turns and some dearly departed underground. I think there is even a dance club there somewhere... imagine that.

Seriously, if you click on the statue at the sim start, you can teleport to the club. Yes, there is a club in the catacombs! We need a masquerade party!!

Come visit us and create an account if you want to stay. And why wouldn't you?

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