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Live on Mars and enjoy the views

Who has not seen Total Recall circa 1990? Were you amazed at the gritty, realistic depictions of what living in a closed settlement would be like? What would it feel like, to live "underground" or "behind glass" for your whole life. Forget about the air quality as we promise it will be good. Does the thought of living under glass with the red dust swirling in the background give you a touch of claustrophobia? Or does it seem to enfold you, like a warm fuzzy (albeit orangey) blanket?

Here is your opportunity to test the waters of life on Mars.

The Mars Hilton Hotel was created in our Virtual Recall sim and as most of our regions, we are offering free living space. In this case we have large spacious apartments with enclosed "balconies" with views of the Martian terrain.

The reservations office of the hotel is where you would go to rent an apartment there. Click on the apartment numbers to take you to the apartment, and with one click you can start your adventure living in Virtual Recall. You are free to decorate your apartment as you like. The area is quite opened, feel free to add more walls and furniture. You are free to set home here (if you are NW resident). While here there are several stores around the sim that have themed gifts, clothing, avatars and furniture. And don't forget to visit the penthouse sun deck where you can bask in the hot tub or just hang and admire the red dust as it swirls past you over the dome. Be careful around the glass though, it can break!

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