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The season is plowing along, literally, in some parts of the world. It seems that as soon as December is on our calendar, the days just fly by! There is hardly time to breathe, or order gifts, bake, decorate or whatever you do in the season.

So during this hectic season we decided to bring some Zen, some peace and some beauty. Nestled in the eastern part of Bountiful Continent is the region of Mishio, proudly created and managed by our beautiful Nami Kyoto. She even has her face on the region logo.

Nami is cute but she can fight when needed, hence her Katana.

What makes this region special? It is so peaceful. Even though it is close to some major urban areas there is a beauty and a stillness here. The minute you take the bridge over from the very urban Advantis, you know that this is a place you can unwind, do a bit of decorating and gardening, watch sunsets and dream of Japan.

There is a sweet little village of houses (some you can take copies of) and other items.

japan asian dragon vritual 3d , neverworld
Here is a picture of Nami, with her red dragon pet, walking down a cobblestone road in Mishio

Being part of the continent, you must be a Neverworld Grid member to get a parcel. If you do not have an account yet (and why don't you ?) signing up takes about a minute if you are slow. You do not even have to wait for email confirmation, just log in. If you do not have the grid on your viewer you can click on the "use firestorm to enter world" link on our start page.

Almost every parcel which are between 6,000 and 12,000 meters, are waterfront. This is an available parcel.

Another view of the village under a dusky sky.

Continent parcels are free to our residents. Become part of the project and build your dream in 3D on Mishio. Prim limits are an amazing 5,000 prim and are free. What are you waiting for?

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