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Sunset Coast = Beach Vibe Adventure

Sunset Coast, it's not just another pretty beach, it is so much more. Thom InVR has shared his terraforming, decorative, and graphics skills in this fun-to-explore sim attached to the Bountiful Continent Project. His fondness of all-things-Tiki is seen throughout, and there are several self-guided activities to keep the explorer engaged.

Upon entry, you are greeted by a Hula skirted & dancing NPC next to the Surf Shop, where you will find several watercraft including surfboards, body-surf-balls, and kayaks.

If you look west, you should see the in-motion Surfable Wave.

From here you have the option of exploring on foot, by watercraft, or flying.

If we continue clockwise on the Map to the Northwest corner there is an area called Pirate Lagoon. This area has a dive-shop in the ship-wreck and a lagoon with underwater area to explore. There is also a restaurant and Pirate-themed park. In the Dive Shop you will find diving outfits and animations to copy.

Next on our tour is the Underwater Observatory with a dance area and chairs set in a circle to enjoy the underwater scenery beyond the glass of the dome.

One of the highlights is the two mermaids swimming and playing near their coral cave.

While near the Underwater Observatory, be sure to check out the Tiki-Bar and main watercraft dock area where you will find Jet Ski, Windsurfer, and Kayaks to use while exploring.

As an FYI, the watercraft are set to automatically de-rezz and return to the original pick-up location(s). On the map you will see double asterisks ** indicating various locations of kayaks beyond the main dock. This allows for exploring the area by kayak to other points of interest. “Stand-up”, walk about and explore, and then return to a nearby kayak for more time on the water if desired.

The Kayaks and Windsurfer are able to cross over SIM borders and explore neighboring areas if so inclined. Be sure to take a paddle or jet ski through the Mangrove water-trail...

Last on our virtual-tour is Sunset Club under a large hi-tech canopy letting in the beautiful tropical breeze and a great place to enjoy a sunset gathering with friends. The club is available for all Neverworld DJs and residents. If you have an event in mind simply IM Thom InVR to grab the date.

Not on the map, but certainly a must see, is to visit the sky-domes above the club. These can be reached by the Teleport signs on the Northeast corner of the club.

Happy exploring!

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