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The Sparkling Depths in the Functional Metaverse

Explore our newest build, Aqua Abyss. Fancy being a mermaid? Free merfolk avatars can be found in the shops behind Club Abyss.

Our new sim is a 2x2 varreregion and was made with the loving and talented help of Nexus Storm, mr smokes, Govega Sachertorte and Ares Halostar. We love our builders :)

a merman freebie in Neverworld
Triton a merman avatar

underwater in the metavese
A more peaceful and colorful entryway to our hidden depths can not be found anywhere in the metaverse

When you land on the sea floor, you will be greeted by swimming turtles, waving kelp grass and many areas to explore.. Aqua Abyss was once an Atlantean like city that has since partially sunk into the ocean . However, they have a relationship with humans and therefore out of the ruins some steps from undersea to terra firma were crated, and now merfolk as well as humans traverse the sparkling depths and the islands of Aqua Abyss interchangeably.

As always new sims produce the inspiration to create new things. You will find some original items here including some of the coral life that lives on the floors and the sides of Aqua Abyss. Amazing infrastructure done by mr smokes and Nexus including the beautiful crumbling builds of the sunken city with some great places for a mermaid or merman to live and hide out in.

guardians of Aqua Abyss
Here are guardians of Aqua Abyss and they come with tridents at ready

Fancy a little mer-themed music? Come to our events at Club Abyss and dance with merfolk or just dance as a human in this beautiful club under the pyramid. The club has glass above it as well as glass for the floor, so no you will not fall into the water but the splashing aqua will soothe any soul.

Club Abyss in Neverworld
Club Abyss come for some themed music and some very beautiful dances.

The club can be reached by foot or fin .. there are steps leading to it. Behind are shopping huts with mermaid themed goods. Also in the shops are nautical items for home and water including a selection of lighthouses to decorate your parcel .

Aqua Abyss is an amazing place to take photographs also so if you like underwater themed places, it is here to explore.

What you are not a Neverworlder yet? Being a Neverworlder is the place to be in the functional metaverse. We are adults who enjoy building together in themes. We offer free amazing parcels of land to everyone, Most of these parcels are in themed regions with navigable water. Get away from grids who micro manage your every move and treat you like family.

Make a free avatar here . Download our app (windows only) here

two swimming mermaids in Neverworld
We dance we swim we are merfolk

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Thom InVR
Thom InVR
Jul 12, 2023

cool build :) And when you are exploring, head over to the Undersea Lounge i put together inside one of the ancient pyramid structures at: 220, 402, 2

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