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Of all the beautiful places in Neverworld, Mariner's Bay is perhaps the most stunning.

This sim large equivalent to 64 standard regions and all of it sailable. It connects to two other sims that you can also sail too, giving you hours of sailing fun ...whether it be zipping through the inlets and channels or sailing over the vast middle of the bay.

Neverworld, in keeping with it's *land for all* philosophy , offers free parcels to everyone, with an amazing 8000 prim limit.

The parcels range from 28,000 meters to 70,000 meters. There are islands, half islands, and parcels. Some are secluded, some are in busier areas. Check out the images below to get an idea of what you can do with these parcels. In Second Life, you pay $175.00 USD a month for this size. in Neverworld, it is free.

Click on the rural mailbox of any available parcel, join the Aspen and the Bay rental group, read the notecard accompanying your rental and enjoy your virtual life.

Why do people from other grids come to Neverworld to live instead of their home grid?

Because we believe land ownership is a right every avatar should have regardless of where you come from. That being said, having a Neverworld account is easy and free, and we are a builder's paradise with few limitations and freedom. We do not micromanage your life, we do not require cult-like "sit-ins" or you to attend events. We encourage you to live your best virtual life free of confines.

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