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This 100 percent mesh tiny home at approximately 19 meters x 9 meters is a superlight solution for those who need a quick home to put down.  It is very slim and will fit nearly anywhere, complete with textures. This version comes with stairs and a loft for extra space.  You can script the door with the enclosed Timeless door script. This home was made in blender and inworld.   You can retexture or expand, or keep it simple.  The stairs and upper loft (2 prims) can be removed if you like.


Enjoy your Beau Compact Cottage here and everywhere.

Beau Compact Cottage Superlight 14 prims TinyHome

SKU: GS0019
  • Permissions

    This build is FULL PERM.  Please do not sell this item. Anyone can use anywhere as long as you don't sell it! Thank you.

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