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A simple solution to your outdoor light needs, this 1 prim lamp comes in two different colors, silver and black.  This comes with textures loaded but they are also included if you need them.  You must have a knowledge on how to use the texture tab in your viewer in order to set up.  

Select face 1 and make sure it is on alpha masking.  Select face 0 and set it as alpha blending so the light is semi transparent.  You can also add the normal and the specular maps under bump and shine.  If you use the specular map, please adjust your shine, glossiness and color to a setting you like. These photos were done with a shine setting of 51/8 with the color a light gray. Experiment til you like what you see! 

FINDS Deck Lighting

SKU: GS0023

    This product is given full perm with these conditions. Please do not sell this product or the textures full perm. You can use this build for personal use, or as part of a build you give away or sell, as long as you set the permissions to copy/modify/no transfer.

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