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At only five prims this bench is an awesome addition to your yard or garden.  The bench is 100 percent mesh and comes with four different wood options. You can use a texture switcher script in the bench prim to change the wood, or make separate copies with the different wood colors.   

This bench comes with no animations. You can use a simple animation like the Magic script, or Avsitter.  Both are opensource on the web, or you can find them in many places full perm in opensim   Enjoy your new bench!


A FINDS Furniture piece by Govega Sachertorte.

Haverford Hall Outdoor Bench

SKU: FF00013
  • Permissions

    Please do not share this free item  Anyone can download a copy here.

    Please respect the creator and do not resell this item which is given freely to share but not to profit from.

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