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The Red Star Series of clothing textures were orginally created for Classic avatar bodies.  They will also work with some BOM mesh avatars.

You can use these textures to create clothing layers or tattoo layers.   Baked textures  reduce your complexity level and also keep your from losing your clothes and being naked ...thats why some people still enjoy using this classic type of clothing.


8 Textures are included: Irish Girls, Jurassic Pug,  Programmer, (4 colors)  Make Sandwich,  Pepper Pin Up Girl.   You are welcome to use these textures for personal use or for commercial use in your builds. Please do not give these textures away full perm.


HGS/Red Star K Series T Shirt Textures

  • FULL PERMISSIONS read below

    C/M/T -- Full permissions to use for personal and commercial use.  Please do not give these texture away as full perm.    Set perms to copy/mod or copy/transfer or mod/transfer to use in your products. 

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