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Exclusive to the grid.   Two houses that are retro 70's in style. 

The Laurel Canyon Art House is one bedroom with loft, open plan living area, bathroom and covered front porch.  There is sliding glass doors off of the bedroom. 

 Not furnished.  Please provide your own door scripts.  The house is 158 prims.


The Laurel Canyon A Frame House is a very neutral toned A frame with a bathroom, and upstairs and downstairs.  Please provide your own door script.  The A Frame house weighs in at a light 116 prims.   You can color the textures if you would like.


These homes are a free gift to our members. Please keep these homes in Neverworld. Thank you.





Laurel Canyon Houses 2 styles

SKU: GS0025

    Please set permissions after uploading to COPY/MODIFY/NO TRANSFER.  Please do not share or sell. Anyone interested can receive their free copy here. Thank you.

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