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For Neverworld Members only!  Free set for anywhere in your house you need a little sitting area!    Very low prim!  Please read instructions as you will be loading the lamp script yourself. No worries, its drop and go. Low land impact, and you can color as you wish if the beige does not go with your theme!   Add a seat prim if you want sit animations.  Thank you for downloading this set.


Prims:  Kippen Sofa -:    3 prims

               Sloyd Lamp   -:   1 prim 

               FINDS curtain -: 5 prims

Sloyd Lamp Klippen Sofa and Curtains


    Please set this piece to COPY/MODIFY/NO TRANSFER

    Instructions :  Upload each piece. The pieces should come with textures, they are provided if not.   If needed, please change your texture settings on the shadow and the lamp shade to alpha blending. (They may come already correct)  in the lamp create a "new script" and clear the text in it... then copy and paste  the 3 way light switch from the notecard into it the new script. 

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